The genius of a digital agency in the palm of your hands.
Screenshots of the Radar App in use
Put more money on your Radar.
When you connect with Radar, you’re empowering your company to make the most out of it’s marketing budget with all the tools you actually need, right at your fingertips. No digital agency required. Receive enterprise grade insights, actions and projections every hour, in one clear, trustworthy view so future-you can spend less time over analyzing minor analytics and more time making more money.
Three screens of the Radar App displaying in-app UI
Shopify is the secret sauce.
Every Shopify business is unique and no, this is not a one size fits all operation. We’ve engineered Radar to be tailored specifically to you and your company based on your data. After connecting your Shopify, the more accounts you connect, the more Radar can do for you. Google and Facebook being the next top two on our MVP list.
Images depicting the logos of the integrated platforms: Shopify, Google & Facebook
Actionable Insights
Finding you more money is the only thing on our Radar.
Predictive Projections
We offer hourly revenue projections because time is money.
Customizable Data
We account for all your accounts – synced to one intuitive, simplified view.
The More the Better
We’re already in the process of adding even more of your favorite accounts.
Available now for iOS and Android.
Radar is ready to amplify your business. Try a free month, cancel anytime.
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